Cora SEO software

Although the number of SEO tools is still growing daily it’s hard to know what SEO software to choose, right?

Good SEO software in the hands of an SEO professional leads to the best results. Good SEO tools in the hands of a layperson can cause lots of trouble!

Cora SEO software is probably something you’ve just heard of recently. And that is not surprising, because it is such technical software, it is only used by advanced SEOs. Cora is a desktop software for Mac and PC and is not cloud-based/web-based. The person behind this software is Ted Kubaitis. Don’t forget that name folks!

Scientific web analysis

Cora measures over 2000 different rankings factors to see which of those correlated the strongest with rankings!

Why is this kind of analysis so important for SEO?

Example from the field:

Let’s look at the key phrase “best drone for filming

If you search for this exact phrase in Google, you’ll soon notice that the top-ranking pages have something in common. They have the keywords in the Title and Meta Description. Now, look at the search results on page 10 of Google. You’ll probably see that the titles are different and that the content on those pages is much shorter and more diverse.

If you also look at other factors like Headings, Images, Leading keywords in Titles, videos, etc. You’ll be very busy, and still hard to see which of the ones are correlating the strongest with ranking.

The search results on page 1 have different correlations to the results on page 4. Looking at these factors you’ll soon know in what way you can optimize your content to be more competitive!

Why use Cora?

Cora analyzes the top 100 search results and correlates more than 2000 possible ranking factors. As a result, it will export a Microsoft Excel sheet mentioning the strongest correlating factors for your exact search term. We are not optimizing a website, but a webpage for a certain keyword!

Why would it be so extremely useful to use Cora SEO?

  • You can create an SEO roadmap (or action plan) within a matter of minutes.
  • You know exactly what to do for that particular keyword.
  • You can estimate how much time and money it will take to rank a page when looking at all the data. 2000 more words = 2 hours of work etc..
  • The Road Map can quickly tell you which factors you can tackle first and make the most progress. And you don’t have to concentrate on factors that don’t correlate to save time.
  • You can see which factors matter, and which don’t.
  • After every Google Update, you can run Cora and use Cora DIff to see which of the ranking factors have changed. (This is really handy)
  • You will know if the so to call “SEO gurus” tell the truth with all the data you have.
  • You’ll learn a lot by learning about the 500 rankings factors and how they can influence rankings.
  • You’ll become a better SEO by using Cora.
  • Instead of making generic SEO recommendations, you can recommend exact steps to improve rankings.

Who is this tool for? SEOs!

Since Cora is an advance On-Page SEO tool, you’ll have to know more about SEO than the average Joe.

You can compare it with reading a technical manual. If you have been in the profession for a long time, you can extract a lot of useful info from it. However, if you are completely new, you have no idea and don’t understand the relationships between certain topics.

Cora uses a large amount of technical SEO jargon that most people don’t understand. It takes time to get used to it, but once you can process the data, you can learn a lot!

Optimize step by step!

Web-based or Desktop Software?

Cora is desktop software that needs quite a bit of resources. You’ll need a computer with enough CPU power otherwise it will freeze your PC. 1 way around is installing Cora on a server or on a separate computer so it doesn’t affect the computer you are working on.

Integration with Ahrefs and SEMrush

In addition to the hundreds of On-Page factors, Cora also has the option of integrating with Ahrefs and SEMrush for your off-page data. As long as you have a paid subscription this can be very useful. If you don’t you can also use Domdetailer as a cheaper alternative.
This data can include the number of backlinks, follow backlinks vs no-follow backlinks, Referring domains, trust scores, domain rank, facebook likes, twitter shares, LinkedIn shares, etc.

Optimization example with Cora SEO Software

I tried to optimize a page related to WordPress SEO.

Before writing an article or optimizing a page, it is important to know how easy or difficult it is to be competitive and perhaps get to the first page. Cora helps you with this analysis and can provide you with data so that you can see if you have a good chance of ranking your page.

Below is an example of a page (WordPress SEO) that I wanted to optimize. For this specific search term, the Roadmap looked like this.

If you read slowly through the data you can see a number of things that can give you an indication of the time it could involve ranking for the term. Take “Word Count” for example. The average “word count” for the top 10 positions was 3715 more words than my article. This means quite a bit of time investment.

In some cases, the numbers aren’t this much off, but you’ll probably come across this once in a while anyway. You can see I have to add a few Term Matches (a term match in Cora is the keyword and related results that Google sees as related). So that is not very difficult to do.

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