I know the feeling. You’re looking for the best SEO course to get, but you just don’t know which to pick. And I didn’t even ask you what ‘kind’ of SEO you want to learn. Putting everything SEO has to offer in 1 course, that’s just impossible!

In the last few years, I finished several SEO courses from different sources. But IMG Courses is not just the place to be when it comes to improving your SEO through courses, it’s also the place to learn more about Google’s algorithm and talk with SEO experts in the community. Learn, talk, and discuss things that can tank or rank your website!

Internet Marketing Gold: 20+ SEO Training programs – learn SEO from the best

I know it can be tough deciding what course to take.

In the past year, I followed a LinkResearchTools training (which was free because of the 2019 virus ;–) ) and I didn’t like it. The same goes for Moz’s training that I followed during the same period.

Both of these courses were mostly focused on ‘how to use our tools’ and really didn’t give much, or any SEO knowledge. On top of that, the info they shared was dated, and I saw timestamps in the training of 2017 and even earlier.

I must admit that I stopped the training after the first 1 or 2 hours. I was disappointed at best and skimmed through the rest of the course to get even more disappointed.

The disappointment is probably because I followed Kyle’s on-page SEO course, 2 times in the past 3 years. (The first one was in 2017, the last in 2021). So after these valuable lessons, the Linkresearchtool and Moz training were kind of useless.

Learning how to use “our software” is not what IMG courses is about. It’s not about selling tools, but about down-to-earth SEO knowledge that you can use with any tool or SEO software.

SEO stuff that actually works.

Types of SEO training – New courses added every few months

I know. It’s not just difficult to choose the right SEO course, you also have to choose what part of SEO you want to learn more about. How about on-page SEO? Local SEO? Linkbuilding? Or how about Keyword Research.

Each of these topics deserves a special course. It’s just too hard to make 1 course that does it all. This would mean you’ll be following a course for months instead of hours. Each specialty in SEO takes hours to teach and to learn.

New courses will be added on a very regular basis.

On-Page SEO training

If you don’t know where to start, I’d suggest starting with Kyle’s On-Page SEO training. I’ve taken his courses 2 times in the last 3 years, and both times they were full of golden nuggets. So much useful info was given, that I can 100% recommend it. If you want a more in-depth review, check out Kyle’s on-page SEO course review.

Multiple Link Building courses

IMG Courses has many types of training, including a Low-Level Link Building course, hosted by Ted Kubaitis. In this course, Ted teaches how to find low-hanging fruit. Ways to build backlinks across many websites without any outreach. He helps you to find them and get them

For more advanced SEOs there is another Link Building course, done by Georgi Todorov. He teaches 7 White Hat linkbuilding techniques to increase your rankings…. and revenue. His modules include Hiring writers, Outreach rules, Guest Posting, Broken Linkbuilding, HARO linkbuilding, Link reclamation, and many more.

There’s a linkbuilding training from Bibi Raven, called: Link Building Outreach That doesn’t suck that talks about outreach.

More linkbuilding courses will follow soon.

Other courses

Other courses on the IMG platform include Entity Stack Building (link building), Local SEO for Businesses, PBN Academy, Content Audit Playbook, SEO for Real Estate, but also Affiliate SEO, SEO Campaign processes, App Store optimization, Content Writing, Copywriting, Keyword Research.

But there is also a dedicated training program for Cora software from SEOToollabs, that will help you get the most out of Cora SEO.

So, yes, IMG courses got you covered in all directions.

SEO testing – Learn to beat the Google algorithm

IMG Courses is not just about following SEO (and related) courses, but you get access to hundreds of SEO tests that are performed over the last couple of years. With SEO tests, you know what works, and whatnot.

Why spend hours on building a website, or even a page in that matter, if you don’t know what really works. Most of the tests include single-variable tests, but also in the field tests. This way, you don’t have to tank your client’s site to figure out if something ranks or tanks.

Members get access to the full archive of all SEO tests over the last several years, and you can become an SEO tester yourself.

I’ve taken 2 of their courses so far and will continue doing new courses throughout 2021 and 2022

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