On-Page SEO training by Kyle Roof

Kyle Roof is one of the most asked speakers on SEO conferences around the globe. Every year he is speaking at SEO conferences in Asia, Europe and the US.

This is mainly due to the famous Facebook SEO competition he won, where he got #1 in organic, #1 in Google Maps and even took the Knowledge Panel! And all of that with a Lorem Ipsum website.. He is a wizz kid.

Become an SEO ninja yourself!

In 2019 Kyle, Ted and Andy started an internet platform for SEOs, for beginner SEOs to advanced SEOs. The platform is filled with multiple chatrooms including many free chatrooms where you can ask all your SEO related questions, including on-page SEO, affiliate marketing, technical SEO and SEO Testing.

The platform is free of use, but you can upgrade to become a paid member to get even more indepth knowlege and receive access to all single-variable testing. These tests are performed to see what ranking factors matter most. The key to these tests are to eliminate as many variables as possible and test 1 single factor.

If these tests move the needle, the can be repeated to see whether there was some unknown variable at play or if that factor is indeed a ranking factor.

What’s in his course?

This course is an honest account of what Kyle Roof has personally learned and tested throughout the last 7+ years in SEO.

Kyle packaged his techniques into a series of 114 groundbreaking videos that will save you time, get you vastly better results, and change the way you do SEO forever!

A summary of all the topics in the course are:

Module 1:

  • Keywords: difference between target keywords, secondary keywords and supporting keywords and how to find them.
  • Best SEO Page outlines: including website structure: silo
  • Rough and dirty Optimization
  • Scientific Optimization

Module 2:

  • Advanced outlines
  • How to use Adwords to inform your SEO campaigns
  • Using correlation data

Module 3:

  • How to do an On-Page SEO Audit
  • Learn about Schema
  • Medic and E-A-T

Module 4:

  • KPIs
  • Basic CRO
  • Basic ROI
  • Owning Page 1 in Google

What I’ve learned from his training?

Personally, I’ve done one of his first On-Page SEO trainings, back in 2017. The on-page SEO course has since been expanded and now includes 114 videos instead of the 4x 1-hour videos he taught back in 2017.

I’ve been pretty successful with optimizing pages and websites in general. I would consider myself a Kyle-taught SEO.

Since I started implementing his On-Page SEO teachings, I have seen some really nice improvements for myself and for my clients.

His techniques and PageOptimizer Pro are my standard approach to SEO nowadays!

Do the course yourself and you won’t be disappointed!

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