Brand Mentions

Changing a brand mention into a link is one of the easiest and quickest linkbuilding tips. It’s super easy to do and super easy to find. Simply search the internet for your brand name, get in touch with the web admin and ask him to change the brand mention into a link.

How can you find web mentions manually?

To find any brand mentions, simply use Google. Search for your brand name, company name or maybe even your CEO or CFO. Check the results manually and see if they added a link to your website. If not? Simply reach out and ask them for a link. That’s still white hat SEO IMHO.

If you do this each month for about an hour and note each instance down in a spreadsheet. Each time your check the search results, make sure you haven’t already reached out.

One tip I can give. If you follow this process each week or each month, simply check for the past week or month only. Use the “time’ tool to set the desired time window.

While you are checking the brand name, company name or CEO’s name, you could also include your competitors’ names. I know that this takes so much time, but it can give you some very useful information. Talking about time consuming. How about automating this? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a tool that would send you alerts each time your brand name is mentioned somewhere on Social Media?

Brand Mentions: automate your processes

Brand Mentions is part of the famous Cognitive SEO, software company. As a result, this means that this tool is going to stay for the long run. You don’t need to worry these folks will close shop in 6 months from now!

What is the software used for:

  • Spy on your competitors
  • Brand monitoring
  • Reputation management
  • Media monitoring
  • Business Intelligence

Simply put, Brand Mentions is a monitoring tool that searches for specific words on the internet. You decide which words or names it will keep an eye out for. It doesn’t need to be your brand perse. You can also use the company name, domain name, name of the CEO or anything else related to your business.

In addition, you could even monitor industry-specific terms or keep an eye on your main competitors.

Brand Mentions is therefore not just useful for building backlinks, it is probably even beter for Reputation Management. You will be able to monitor what people are saying about your brand or products. This could be on forums, social media or even on news sites. Nothing that is public can be missed with this tool.

If people are telling lies about your brand, or misinform readers, you could step in and take action. So no, it can be used for many applications.

For $79 you can ftrack 5000 mentions per month, with daily updates, 1 month historical data, and a total of 15 different words (names or keywords). The more names and keywords you are tracking the better.

A quick-win example

Before looking at the results I would like to make 1 thing clear. This tool is not for everyone. The mentions on the internet is very much dependable on your business age and activities. You’ll get many more mentions when you are popular, famour or even controversial. But most companies keep a low profile and people don’t talk so much about you. This could be due to a boring niche or the age of your company. The younger the company, the fewer the brand mentions, usually.

1 client with quick results

Shortly after setting up one of our client’s account, the tool found a few great entries from podcasts and even an unlinked article on Search Engine Journal. Simply reaching out to the writer helped us to get a dofollow backlink from a reputable source. This was done in just a few minutes time. Great ROI!

Warning: This is not a backlink research tool

Please don’t think this is your next best backlink research tool, it’s not! It’s used to find mentions on the internet, not backlinks. Sure, it’s a great tool that every SEO agency should have, but this is just not a backlink research tool.

The tool could actually be one of your upsells! Monitoring your client’s brand mentions or even their competitors.

Sure it can find backlinks, but only if the link is written as a ‘naked URL’. If the link is used with a non-branded anchor text, the tool will ignore it. Maybe this next example can help you understand this: Sentence 1: Check this page for a Brand Mentions review:
Sentence 2: Check this page for a Brand Mentions review.

The tool would only recognize rankify in the first sentence, but not in the second sentence. That is the reason why it’s not replacing your current backlink research tool.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a tool that sends you daily or even real-time notification (with heir Company Plan) every time your brand is mentioned, Brand Mentions is a great tool. Just choose the words you want to track and don’t forget to add your domain name to the tracked keywords. You can limit the crawler by adding a specific language in which you want the crawler to search. This is especially great if your brand name is actually used overseas as well. On top of that, you can also add filters to eliminate spam or other possible problems.

As an SEO specialist, reputation management and media monitoring is a plus, but not the main purpose of this tool. But for most companies it might be otherwise. Brand Mentions is definitely great for reputation managament, but that’s not my main goal.

Are you curious to know who is talking about you or your brand? And do you like to find linkbuilding opportunities? Do you care about your reputation? Then Brand Mentions is a great tool to try.

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